Joseph and Margaret Bykowski

The family history can be traced back to 1908 in the Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago after Joseph Bykowski arrived at Ellis Island in New York. Joseph married Margaret Piotrowski in Poland the year earlier. He came to Chicago to work with his brother-in-law Felix. They both lived at 2209 N. Damen in Chicago. Margaret and their son Roman, along with her sister Charlotte, came through Ellis Island to Chicago in 1911. The family was reunited at their residence 2365 Lister in Bucktown. During the years 1913 until 1920 the family lived at 2217 N. Damen, 2058 N. Leavitt, 2064 N. Hoyne, and 2112 Dickens (originally Carolina Street) in Chicago. Joseph opened a grocery store in 1922 at 2100 N. Hoyne while the family was living at 1436 N. Paulina. He closed the store during the Great Depression in the early 1930s and began employment at an Illinois iron works factory in Chicago.

The Joseph and Margaret Bykowski family consisted of two sons and two daughters. The children were Roman, Mary, Anna, and Leonard. They were born between the years 1908 and 1922. Joseph passed away in 1963 and his wife Margaret in 1970.

Roman married Antoinette Bykowski in 1936 at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church on Noble Street in Chicago. Betty is the daughter of Roman and Antoinette. Betty's sister is Rosalie and brother is Paul. The family lived at 946 N. Winchester for 27 years. The rental building was owned by Antoinette's aunt Anna Sidor. Roman was employed in an electrical manufacturing business and Antoinette worked for a large department store on Chicago Ave. The family moved to West Humboldt Park in 1963. The family home was sold 25 years later and Antoinette moved to the Dunning Square neighborhood for ten years. She spent the last ten years of her life living with her daughter Rosalie. Roman passed away in 1983 and Antoinette in 2006.

Betty and Mick reside in Chicago, and have been married for 42 years. Their son Michael is an attorney, and daughter Katie is an engineer.

Joseph Bykowski Grocery Business

Roman and Antoinette Family Residence

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Joseph and Margaret Bykowski
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